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The Pyrateheart Press

The Pyrateheart Press is an eBook publishing company. We are a complete publisher specializing in unabridged works.

Our blog will contain not only writing tips to help writers and authors create their best work, but we enjoy having a bit of fun with the occasional rant on current affairs or possibly just everyday life.

We hope you enjoy the read as much as we enjoy writing.

Here’s a bit more about us:

Over the years, we have written, developed and co-collaborated on many works published and not yet published. The author’s we have worked with desired a platform where they can publish their unabridged works without the involvement of a 3rd party publisher. In 2020 Ross and Yvonne Whalen joined them in this endeavor and established The Pyrateheart Press. They are hoping to help authors become published and their works become best sellers.

It is also their desire to bring to their readers unabridged, unbiased and authentic works as written by some amazing story tellers.

Ross & Yvonne hope you enjoy these works, as much as, they have.

Happy Reading!

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