The Peggy’s

An interesting title for a book. One which doesn’t give away its true meaning until chapter two. A book we have decided to sell in the manner of serial publications.

I loved the old serial magazines as a kid. Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine and Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and other works told in a sequence of publications. I adored those. The writing is often some of the best I have ever read. Each part written to bring you to a conclusion you will see later on.

It’s a tease of course. Each part builds the story up and then puts you on a cliff hanger so you will have to come and read the next part. I love a story which can keep me on edge throughout the entire book. A hard style to write in but one which gives the reader such wonderful highs and lows.

The Peggy’s will be just that. Highs and lows. Adult highs and lows. We are using this work to take us back to our roots. My Wifesty and I have no problem publishing just about any work as long as it is a good story. A good story is paramount to us. I don’t care if it is filled with curse words or doesn’t possess a single reference to anything off color. Don’t care if the story is Christian based, Muslim based, or Atheism based. I simply don’t care as long as it is a good story. We publish stories here. Good ones.

Which is what The Peggy’s is. A good story told in all its glory. No censorship on material, wording or characters. We wanted the story told in all its heart wrenching glory. No censorship at all.

When you say no censorship people think of pornography. Or Christian publications. Sex and religion, the two most heavily censored subjects since man learned how to put symbols on cave walls to leave us books in the first form.

And yet, we ensured the censorship was put away on The Peggy’s. The Peggy’s is a hard book. Not a hard one to read but one which represents the harshness in our world. A harshness no one really wants to think about. 

It starts out inside a cities’ Cold Case division. A place the ones assigned to it call the Dead. The Dead is a place where the police keep their old files. Keep the cold cases, missing persons, and old evidence. A place filled with old timers waiting to retire. Or those who have messed up so bad their superiors want to fire them but can’t. An assignment meant to kill your soul.

Enter Rowena Adair. A sassy little woman who has reached the end of her time in the city’s police department. Once held in the highest of esteem, she has been demoted from Chief of Internal Affairs to sergeant in charge of the graveyard shift inside the Dead.

She has made a deal with the police commissioner. Take the demotion or go to prison. It was an easy choice for Adair however, the deal left her with some power. Like being able to tell everyone above her to f*$&# off. Which she does until she is reassigned to the task force created to take down the copycats of the serial killers named the Beasts of Bogart Park. Serial killers Rowena personally brought to justice.

It’s a job meant for Rowena to fail. To take a fall and be forcibly retired. To do as she is told and keep her mouth shut. But can she?

Which is where we leave this off. Read the first chapter. It is free. The other chapters will be for sale on The Pyrateheart Press website

Take the plunge and enter Rowena’s world. I doubt if you will be disappointed.

I’m Ross, the Editor-in-Chief at The Pyrateheart Press and I’m out.

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