Every so often we at The Pyrateheart Press use our blog to promote our products. A simple thing since we are in the business of selling books. Besides, it gives me a minute to talk about books I get excited about, and believe me, not much gets me excited these days. Not even Covid-19.

I want to start this blog’s promotional capabilities off with our newest eBook The Peggy’s. I am really excited about The Peggy’s. See, it’s one of mine. Let me explain, most of the subject matter we have published is something I created. I come up with the idea, write up some sort of treatise and send it out to my authors.

This is a wonderful thing for me. It lets me know if what I have come up with is a viable option for publishing. It lets me know if there is a story to be told inside what I have come up with. Now, normally what happens is one of my authors decides they want a crack at it.

They will take the premise of the eBook and begin to formulate the characters the way they see it. I will either collaborate on it or perform the main editing functions which leaves my mark of the manuscript. Often, most times really, the beginning of the story isn’t what the story becomes in the end.

Crafting an eBook isn’t for the faint of heart. Especially if it is something you came up with. You must endure severe criticism, I mean severe. People will tell you what they think of your characters, your plots, your subplots, your niche, your? Well, I have had no end of people willing to criticize the work our authors and I have performed. To say we have attracted quite a few people willing to talk bad about us is a mild expression of the truth of what happens.

I wondered about this until my Wifesty reminded me that we do not inhibit our writers. We used to say we did not censor them, but all that did was make people think we only published pornography. We do publish some rather deeply sexual erotica books, but we also publish such eBooks as Finding Her Voice. An eBook written to demonstrate a woman has the right to want a more traditional role and not the one society seems bent on demanding of her.

A bit scandalous nowadays, huh? If it had been written in the seventies it would have had tons and tons of supporters. People would have come out of the woodwork to approve of this writer’s story. But it isn’t the seventies, is it? It is the 2020’s and the idea of maintaining a more traditional feminine role is controversial now, isn’t it?

We have never strayed from controversy. We publish erotica as well as thrillers, anthologies, romances, and children’s books. The ones which are considered the most controversial are our Christian themed eBooks. Christian themed are controversial? They are when we publish them.

Our Christian themed eBooks tackle the harder sides of life. The parts where the grit comes in. This is where I get to crow a little about my own writing. I wrote a Christian themed thriller called Tank. Tank started out as a hundred and thirty thousand words and growing. I stopped at my Wifesty, Yvonne’s, request. Seems I had gotten a little too deep inside the creation of this work. I had lost perspective about what I wanted to produce.

See, I wanted to produce a story about the sexual, physical, and emotional abuse of small boys. I started out with a character named Tank who survives his upbringings of abuse and turns it into something else. The only problem? It wasn’t the story I truly wanted to write.

I listened to my Wifesty and sent it out to my authors. I have a circle of authors I work with who are uncanny in their ability to tell me what I need to hear without making me so angry I can’t see straight. I need people who can tell me what needs to be done with my own writing the same way I do for them with theirs. I am an editor. I look at most works through the eyes of an editor and not as a writer. However, when I write, I develop a type of blindness. This is negated when I send my work out to those I trust to tell me the truth.

With this in mind, Tank went from a hundred and thirty thousand words down to a simple eight thousand, seven hundred and twelve words. A short story from a manically sized tome.

Was it the right thing to do? I believe so, yes. Tank turned into an incredible story about hope, love, hardship, anger, revenge, and the ultimate sacrifices we make as human beings for one another. Is it controversial? I think it can be depending on who reads the eBook. Controversy rests along with beauty in the eye of the beholder. Which is why we have a First Amendment to the Constitution.

All this leads to our newest eBook The Peggy’s. The Peggy’s is filled with controversial material. It is a story about one detective’s need to solve a crime she’d solved before. How she solved it and why were never questioned. Nor were the confessions she obtained. Rowena Adair, our detective extraordinaire, solved the case because it had to be and moved on. Only now, it’s come back.

A copycat obviously, but who? And why is the police commissioner so quiet on this one. Rowena knows he has all the answers and yet, he is holding all his cards close to his vest. Awaiting an outcome which leaves Rowena in disgrace and removed from the police department. Something she has agreed to, but?

What she doesn’t know is this will turn out to be the hardest case of her life. That she will actually have to solve this case since she is being given no other choice. Personally, Rowena Adair would just as soon spend the last four months of her career inside what those in the police department call the Dead. The division that handles cold cases, missing persons, and old evidence.

Follow along as we publish one chapter a month in the style of the old, serialized novels of the seventies. Look for each hint of who the killer is and what the killings are about. Don’t let this fool you. We have no clue how this thriller ends. That is what’s so special about it. We are writing it as we go along.

We look forward to you reading the first chapter (which is free) of The Peggy’s. Look for it this week and download the free copy. Let us know what you think and how you think it will end. Then purchase each new chapter to see where Rowena Adair ends up and how. As we said, we haven’t got a clue yet where she ends up. We’re not even sure yet how the next chapter ends since they all end on cliff hangers. I love serials, don’t you? 

I’m Ross, the Editor-in-Chief at The Pyrateheart Press and I’m out.

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