Writing Contest

Welcome to our 2nd writing contest. We have decided to tackle the infamous New Year’s resolution. Of course, we intend to put our own infamous spin on the idea.

Starting the first of December and continuing on until the end of January we will be accepting submissions for your unique New Year’s resolution and the after math of succeeding.

We will be accepting 5 short stories (length between 1000 and 15,000 words) and 5 flash fiction stories (length between 6 words and 1000 words). The premise of your story should be what happens after you achieve your New Year’s resolution, with a twist.

Yes, that’s right. We don’t want happy ever after unless it is a twist to the story. We want the story to start out as if the person is going to achieve their ultimate New Year’s resolution only to have it morph into something entirely different than expected.

Be creative. Let’s try for something new and original. Every genre is open as is every style. Let’s see if we can craft an eBook from your submissions. We will use the top five from each group to craft an eBook for sale on our website. The winners will be given royalties for their part in the eBook and its sales.

I am looking forward to this project. Looking forward to what I will find in your devious minds and what your true New Year’s resolutions are. Reach in deep. Tell us your true New Year’s resolutions. Do you want to get married? To whom and to what? Do you want sex on demand? With whom and what as well. Are you anxious for a promotion? Do you want to escape your life? Do you drool over your neighbor? Do you drool over their spouse or their car or their life?

Open your minds and look deep into your heart. What do you truly want to happen this coming year? Then tell us what might happen along the way to achieving them. Tell us what might happen if it all goes wrong, or if it all goes right. Give it a twist particular to you and who you are. Show us how creative your devious little minds can be.

All entries will receive fun PHP swag, as they are received. The winner will get published in our anthology, New Year’s Resolutions (final decision on title still pending). No entry fee and all entries must be received by January 31, 2022.

I’m Ross, the Editor-in-Chief at The Pyrateheart Press and I’m out.

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