What Now?

This is the question we find ourselves asking. It is the beginning of a new year and of course we must look back at our last year and plan the next. Truthfully our last year was not spectacular as far as sales went. We managed to keep ourselves in business but we both now work day jobs. Not something either of us wanted.

We’ve been in business for two years now officially. Two bumpy years. Years where we managed to publish and create several novels, we feel are well worth the effort it took to publish them. I am personally proud of all that we have submitted to our readers and the general public. However, it seems change is needed if we are to grow big enough for both of us to stop working for others and only work for ourselves.

Why is this so important to us? Not necessarily an easy question. For me, it is a matter of necessity. I have worked physically hard most of my adult life. The types of jobs that take a toll on the body. A toll I find I pay more and more as I get older. Writing, editing, and publishing seem to be the best outlet for me to continue to bring in income but work in a far less demanding physical environment.

I discovered I enjoy the work. I certainly didn’t believe it would lead to where we are now when I started writing five years ago. And since I don’t see a reason to quit, we will continue until Pyrateheart is a success.

Now that brings up another question. What is success for us? Success for us is the business makes enough to pay our bills, put enough away for us to enjoy a vacation or two and fix up our house. We want things and success in the business means we can do those things.

One of those items we want is a Mini-Winnie. I am not sure if we will buy a Winnebago, but it doesn’t matter. Any smaller motor home is called a Minnie-Winnie. Besides, I simply like saying the phrase.

We want to be able to travel once again. But we like the comfort of being able to take our dog along and camp wherever we want. To find a spot and sit for a while as we handle business. Being able to bring our dog and write it off as a business expense tickles me. The Mini-Winnie will be a rolling office for us as we enjoy where we go and get things done. I might even start a travel blog once we purchase the vehicle and take our first trip.

I like to travel. So much so that I find myself moving from place to place to get away. My normal time is roughly three years in between moves. The longest I ever stayed in one place was ten years. I stayed ten years in Virginia Beach. However, I traveled a lot for work back then. It kept my wanderlust at bay.

Here in California my wanderlust grows. We have lived in Sacramento now for three and a half years and we both feel the tug of travel. To pack it up and move somewhere else for no other reason than to explore the next place. Wanderlust is a powerful pull in our world. Which is why we have decided on the Mini-Winnie. We can keep our home in Sacramento as our base of operations and travel at will. It will have issues I am sure but nothing we can’t overcome.

With any luck we will have a Mini-Winnie by this time next year.  One of many items we plan on getting. Which takes money, which takes sales. We intend to ramp up our marketing to improve our sales.

There are roughly 365 million people in the United States. That makes it a 1 in 365 chance to sell a million copies. The lottery often offers a better chance, but we still buy tickets because someone sooner or later wins.

I don’t believe that this year we will have a million copy best seller. We will reach at least a hundred thousand in sales this year with a couple of our eBooks I am certain of it. However, a million-copy seller will happen in another year or two as we build our base of readers. I look forward to taking a picture and publishing it when that happens. Us and the author with the book.

We will keep you updated on what we are doing this year as it happens. Like all things in our life, we never quite know what will happen next. It should be exciting.

I’m Ross, the Editor-in-Chief at The Pyrateheart Press and I’m out.

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