How to Launch a Thriving Small Business in Your Community

Perhaps you’ve found that you spend your workdays dreaming about the day you can be your own boss. Becoming an entrepreneur is a big decision, but every community needs small business owners to provide essential services and bring residents together! Courtesy of Pyrateheart Press, here’s why your community could benefit from having more small businesses and how you can get started as an entrepreneur!

The Value of Small Businesses

Why do communities’ benefit when small businesses thrive? LightSpeed states that small businesses keep money circulating within local economies and provide higher-quality goods to local residents than big box stores. Knowing this can motivate you to make your business a success!

Pursuing Your Business Degree

What if you would love to open your own business one day, but you’re worried that the timing just isn’t right at the moment? Even if you’re not quite ready to start a business yet, you don’t have to set the idea aside completely – instead, you can use this time to further your education by earning your master’s degree. If you’re working full-time and managing family obligations, you can enroll in an online MBA program, which will make it easier to manage your time since you won’t have to commute to campus. As you compare various online programs, make sure to check out their tuition rates and accreditation status.

Business Planning and Legal Considerations

If you’re ready to put your plans into motion, you’ll need to draw up a basic business plan. LivePlan recommends keeping your plan simple and including details on your products and services, target market, and possible sales channels and marketing tactics. You’ll also have to take care of a few legal tasks, such as registering your unique business name in your state, choosing a business structure, and obtaining any necessary permits and licenses.

Hiring Local Staff

Small business owners provide great job opportunities to their local friends and neighbors! By choosing to hire local staff, you can help residents of your community secure gainful employment. You can ask your loved ones if they know anyone in the area who is looking for a new job. Additionally, you can put up print advertisements at other popular local businesses if they will allow it.

As you hear from potential candidates, you’ll need to start scheduling interviews. While chatting with promising applicants, make sure to ask them about their previous experience in the field. When filling part-time, entry-level positions, you may want to consider giving someone with little to no experience the chance to develop their professional skills!

Giving Back to Your Community

By making an ongoing effort to engage with your wider community and give back, you’ll inspire customer loyalty. As a small business owner, there are endless ways you can show your appreciation for your customers and community. For instance, you can schedule group volunteer days with your employees, partner up with a local charity to donate a portion of your profits to their programs, organize events to raise money for important causes, or even host free workshops to share your knowledge with your community. You’re in a great position to make positive changes in your area!

If you already make an effort to support local small businesses, you know just how crucial they are to the economic health of your community. As an entrepreneur, you can become another positive influence in your town! With these tips, you’ll be able to navigate the early days of small business ownership.

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Our Guest blog this month comes to you from Mr. Dean Burgess who started Excitepreneur to explore the areas of entrepreneurship that are often overlooked, and share with current and aspiring entrepreneurs the stories and lessons he has learned. He  fully believes entrepreneurs will lead us to a more exciting future. All it takes is an idea or goal and a desire to see it to fruition.

Photo via Pexels

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