Tips and Resources to Help You Thrive as a Remote Worker

If you’re one of the many workers who’s working from home right now, you likely have figured out that it comes with challenges. It can be hard to adjust to dealing with home-related distractions, communicating with your team, managing your workload, and maintaining a healthy routine for your physical and mental health. When you get a rhythm, however, working remotely can provide you with a sense of freedom, convenience, and flexibility, among other benefits.

To help you navigate the challenges and capture the benefits, The Pyrateheart Press shares some tips and resources for working from home during the pandemic.

How to Stay Productive

You can be more productive when working remotely, but it requires steps like creating a workspace, designating work hours, and separating work and home life.

  • To work from home successfully, you will need a workspace that fosters productivity.
  • Set steady work hours and create a schedule for each day and week. 
  • Working with kids at home requires flexibility with your schedule.
  • If you live in a noisy Sacramento apartment complex, consider an alternate living space. You can upsize to one of the 543 homes for rent on the market.

How to Communicate Effectively

Effective communication is the foundation of every successful remote team.

  • Focus on your team’s communication style to determine where you need improvement.
  • Your team’s culture will be shaped by how well you collaborate.
  • A big part of collaborating well is making sure you have all the right tools.

Jobs to Consider Outsourcing

You can often save time, energy, and money by outsourcing certain tasks.

  • If you need help with day-to-day tasks, hiring a virtual assistant may be your best move.
  • Hiring writers is an efficient way to add quality content to your website.
  • If you’re considering going into business yourself, simplify and streamline the formation of your venture by getting Bplans starter help.

How to Maintain Self-Care

It may seem like it would be easier to practice self-care when you work from home, but unless you’re intentional about it, it won’t happen.

  • Make sure you’re getting the sleep you need each night.
  • Try to plan out your meals and snacks, and focus on healthy portions of nutritious foods.
  • Be sure to fit exercise into your daily routine to foster your physical and mental health.
  • Find ways to relax, such as going for walks, doing breathing exercises, and keeping a journal.

When working remotely, take the necessary steps to stay productive, communicate well, delegate tasks to outside sources, and take care of your overall health and well-being. Chances are you will realize some significant short-term and long-term benefits.

This blog is brought to you by our guest, Ed Carter.

Ed Carter has worked with clients of all ages, backgrounds and incomes. About 10 years into his career, he saw a need for financial planners who specialize in helping individuals and families living with disabilities.

Image via Unsplash

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