Guitar Music

It is well known among my friends that I love guitars. Love the instrument itself as well as the music it puts out. I have found over the years I can embrace all the styles used by guitar impresarios.

I have listened to it all. Heavy metal, rock ‘n’ roll, big band, swing, bluegrass, country and western, Spanish. If it can be played on a guitar, I have heard it at one time or another. However, today I wanted to focus on one individual guitarist– Glen Campbell.

Glen Campbell was the epitome of the good-looking fair-haired country boy singer. He started as a studio musical, worked with folk singers in the sixties and branched out to be his own solo act that he somehow managed to keep active for almost forty-five years.

There is so much I could say about the man but what truly made me smile was he was a good friend of Alice Cooper. What an interesting pair these two men must have made playing golf in the Phoenix sunshine.

Alice cooper went on to say he believed Glenn Campbell was one of the five greatest guitar players in the music industry. I tend to agree. Glen’s style was country and western, but he often crossed over into pop and other genres just because he could.

I have cobbled together some of Glen’s music to share with you today focusing on his remarkable guitar skills.  First up – Galveston

Glen Campbell’s fantastic guitar solo on “Galveston” – YouTube

His ability to play so smooth is exceptional. Here is a perfect example in his version of William Tell Overture.

Glen Campbell – William Tell Overture (smokin’ instrumental) – YouTube

I found it doesn’t matter if you don’t like Glen Campbell. You can only agree his ability to play crossover music with such things as the Boston Pops behind you. Enjoy his version of Classical Gas.

Glen Campbell and the Boston Pops CLASSICAL GAS – YouTube

I leave you with a final song. Glen Campbell and Roy Clark play Ghost Riders in the Sky effortlessly.

Glen Campbell & Roy Clark Play “Ghost Riders in the Sky” – YouTube

There are so many men and women whose abilities on the guitar are legendary. They cover all genres and types of music. Then there are the ones who come out of nowhere to blow you away. No matter your preference in music you can’t help but to be amazed.

Take the time to stop your life at times and listen to the music. Your music, someone’s else’s, it doesn’t matter. Music does indeed soothe the savage beast inside all of us.

I’m Ross, the Editor-in-Chief at The Pyrateheart Press and I’m out.

P.S. I thought I would share one of my all-time favorite guitar duels. It is from the movie Crossroads. And also a guitar battle that isn’t between guitars.

Guitar Battle Scene from “Crossroads” (1986) | Steve Vai – YouTube2CELLOS – Highway To Hell feat. Steve Vai [OFFICIAL VIDEO] – YouTube

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