Recently, as in last weekend; my wife and I took off for Tucson, Arizona for a wedding. The timing of the wedding was such that it coincided with our need to get away. Both my Wifesty and I suffer from the need to travel. Yes, I said suffer.

My Wifesty, Yvonne, and I both have the wanderlust need. If we stay in one place too long, then our bodies and minds tell us we need a change. We need to make a road trip or get on a plane, train, or anything else going anyplace else. Up to and including moving if need be.

Now we have settled into the Sacramento area for many reasons. It is our base of operations so moving is no longer an option. Therefore, we must take trips to fulfil our wanderlust needs. Such as the wedding of our nephew in Tucson this last weekend.

It was a great wedding with very little drama. This trip gave my Wifesty the time to be with her entire family in one place at the same time. How many of us get that chance, eh? While we were there, we threw our Keto lifestyle out the window and indulged in all things bad for us. We ate, drank, and partied like rock stars. Of course, I ate too much and had to pass out in the hotel room. Nothing new there.

The flights were not bad either. We fly Southwest for most of our trips. It is strange in a way since there is no assigned seating, but we have always managed to find seats next to each other. I find I dislike most of the larger carriers these days. I won’t go into a tirade about American Airlines in this post.

Of course, when you travel a lot, you run into problems. We tend to plan for them since we have encountered most so the drama is eliminated. We are a drama free couple.

You would think our need to travel would be filled for a while but alas, not for us. This coming weekend is our anniversary, and we are taking the weekend to get away. Thankfully, we have someone who can watch our dog while we are gone. Having pets and the wanderlust bug can often create issues. Issues which can be nullified if you take the time to plan for them.

We are heading out to a splendid B&B about an hour and a half away from us on a smaller lake. It is a tourist area but not much of one. As with all lakes in this country, every bit of it is owned by someone. It is set up so you can rent boats, ski-doo’s, go water skiing, etc. Typical lake style activities.

However, we have no desire to do any of those on this trip. This trip is about being close to one another. Turning off our electronic leashes, forgetting the world around us for a couple of days and simply enjoying each other’s company.

It doesn’t hurt that this B&B is a quiet place. Nor does it hurt that inside each caboose, yes, I said train caboose, is a hot tub big enough for two.

This B&B is set up next to the lake and is comprised of several real train cabooses which have been altered inside to accommodate guests. Each one is a different theme and we have stayed in a different one each time. It is an excellent place to let go. And that, my friends, is exactly what we are going to do. Let go. I see a lot of naps in our future.

You laugh? We love our naps. If we get a chance for our lives to slow down enough to take a nap, then we take one. I personally love hammocks and one day I will have one. Big enough for two of course because why hammock alone when you have someone special to hammock with.

In wrapping this post up about travel, we are planning on going to Niagara Falls soon as well as New Orleans, Washington D.C., and many other U.S. destinations. I might even be persuaded to go to Fashion Week so my Wifesty can rave over the clothes and shoes. Fashion week means Paris of course. Paris, France not Paris, Texas. Do they do fashion week in Paris, Texas? 

If they don’t, they should. Just saying.

There are so many places I want to see before I die. How about you? Where is it you want to visit the most. If you could go anywhere and do anything, what would it be?

I’m Ross, the Editor-in-Chief at The Pyrateheart Press and I’m out.

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