Get It Done

Most people who tell others they are authors work independently from the requirements of corporations or even normal jobs. Their job is to create. To craft stories we want to read.

Some have deals with publishing houses which state how many books the company wants produced and when they want them. No matter how hard anyone tries to remove the deadline they have in their contracts, they stay put. Which is a hard thing for some and a great motivator for others. Yet, the time an author works is only subject to their own desires.

What does this mean to you, the budding author? Or perhaps you are one of these people who has produced a hundred books? Doesn’t matter. The question remains the same for both. The question? What does having the ability to pick and choose when you work have anything to do with the actual work of writing?

Everything. For some they lack the discipline. They have the desire to write the great American novel. They think about the work all day long but when it comes time to sit in front of the computer and let it out, they don’t. They blame their lives, their kids, their spouse, their responsibilities for not having the time to write.

They are good arguments of course. When writing isn’t your job, it often is set aside thanks to life itself. However, life does give you the opportunity to put your ideas down as a book. All you have to do is set aside a time dedicated to writing. Not your thing? You believe in the free flow of ideas as the most important part of creativity.

For some it is. However, what professional writers learn, notice I said writers and not authors, is sooner or later you have to get in front of that keyboard and get it done. Sooner or later an author must become a writer. If you don’t know what I mean, think about it for a while. It will come to you.

For some this is the hardest part of creating a book. One of the greatest writers of fantasy, J. R. R. Tolkien, took 18 years to complete the Lord of the Rings series. He was 45 when he started and 63 when he finished. His publishers waited patiently. Most won’t wait eighteen months much less eighteen years for a set of books.

If you take the time to research some of your favorite authors, their work habits might surprise you. Some only work standing up. Others lock themselves into a room and won’t leave until they have put down ten thousand words. One would only write inside hotel rooms. The list of what and how these authors did to craft their prose is often unique. However, it still came down to one thing, they had to get in front of a keyboard and get it done.

Remember those three words. Get – It – Done. It amazes me what happens when a person finally settles in to complete a book. They change entire chapters, rewrite characters, drive the plot to the ending.

I look forward to when an author decides to get the job done. Often, they will spend months emailing me about this character or that subplot or what the ending should be. Send me everything but a completed chapter. Each author is different. Some work off detailed outlines with all that they want in the story right in front of them Others simply let the story flow. They get it down then go back. Read what they have written and begin the task of taking their pile of words and turning it into something enjoyable to read.

What this boils down to is if you intend to write books then you have to write! Life and all its responsibilities will always be there. You have to decide is if life going to stop you from writing your books or is it going to provide you with the means to write?

Choose to find a place to write. A time all your own. Then write. Let it out. Put what is inside your mind onto the computers screen. Writing is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Why deny it when you don’t have too.

I’m Ross, the Editor-in-Chief at The Pyrateheart Press and I’m out.


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