Do People Change?

It’s a good question. One I have heard many times in my life. Usually after somebody does something no one approves of. Yet, regardless of the situation, the question remains the same. Do people change? The answer is simple – yes. Yes, people are changing all the time. I know most disagree with this statement.Continue reading “Do People Change?”


I have discovered many things recently. The very first is I love the bed and breakfast we stayed in for our anniversary. It is an inventive idea for a bed and breakfast type place. The rooms are actual cabooses. That’s right, railroad cabooses. These cabooses are outfitted in different themes. We have stayed in threeContinue reading “Discoveries”


Recently, as in last weekend; my wife and I took off for Tucson, Arizona for a wedding. The timing of the wedding was such that it coincided with our need to get away. Both my Wifesty and I suffer from the need to travel. Yes, I said suffer. My Wifesty, Yvonne, and I both haveContinue reading “Traveling”

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