Recently I saw an ad for a movie based upon the old tale of Aladdin’s Lamp. It looks of course like a modern retelling of the story but what got me to thinking was the wishes’ part. What would I wish for now? Think about it. What would you wish for now unlike what youContinue reading “Wishes”


Where would our country be without volunteers? Volunteers and volunteerism is something I didn’t even realize existed in the world around me. I mean I kind of did when I caught the Jerry Lewis telethon, but I didn’t think about it. Which is a shame because what telethon or fundraiser can exist without volunteers? WithoutContinue reading “Volunteerism”

Back It Up!

That’s right. I am anal when it comes to backing up my work. Anal to the point of being a worrisome wort on an overzealous pig. Now why would I describe this portion of myself like this? Well, it is because I once didn’t back up my work and lost it. Yep, lost it –Continue reading “Back It Up!”

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