Dry Spells

When you create for a living, you will experience dry spells. Those times when nothing is coming out of the brain factory. I know this for a fact. Well, at least for me. Like right now. I have been writing blogposts for years now. Have written them from as little as three hundred words toContinue reading “Dry Spells”

Guitar Music

It is well known among my friends that I love guitars. Love the instrument itself as well as the music it puts out. I have found over the years I can embrace all the styles used by guitar impresarios. I have listened to it all. Heavy metal, rock ‘n’ roll, big band, swing, bluegrass, countryContinue reading “Guitar Music”


I am currently undergoing something I had not considered when I started as a collaborator and an editor. Attitude. Now, I’m not talking about myself and my writers possessing a bad attitude towards each other. Nor am I saying my writers have a bad attitude. What I am saying is attitude effects writing – goodContinue reading “Attitude”

Freedom of Speech

We care a lot about Freedom of Speech here at The Pyrateheart Press. In fact, it is the principle which created us in the first place. Our original aim was to create a place where authors can express themselves freely without constraints or censorship.  Freedom of Speech is a right in the United States guaranteedContinue reading “Freedom of Speech”

Tips and Resources to Help You Thrive as a Remote Worker

If you’re one of the many workers who’s working from home right now, you likely have figured out that it comes with challenges. It can be hard to adjust to dealing with home-related distractions, communicating with your team, managing your workload, and maintaining a healthy routine for your physical and mental health. When you getContinue reading “Tips and Resources to Help You Thrive as a Remote Worker”

Spare Change

It’s time for a good ole’ fashioned rant. That’s right. I am ready to rant about the fact our country, at least California, seems to be in a change shortage and has been for two years now. Several items have been shorted during this ongoing and everlasting Covid-19 supposed pandemic. Toilet paper was the worst.Continue reading “Spare Change”

Decisions and Other Important Ideas

We faced a unique decision here at The Pyrateheart Press at the beginning of the year. We found we needed to downsize our publishing. Last year we published an eBook every month. That produced an incredibly hectic pace since our employees are still just Yvonne and me. We both work full time day jobs andContinue reading “Decisions and Other Important Ideas”

Developing Your Character

I find I get a lot of questions from authors about how they should develop their characters. It is an interesting question. One I usually answer with this question: what are you writing? It’s a valid question. One that often stops the author. They tend to give me a rundown on the plot or theContinue reading “Developing Your Character”


An interesting concept, failure. No one wants to fail of course. If humans could, they would only succeed at everything they do. However, some of the greatest discoveries in the world have happened because people were looking for one thing and failed only to find something even better. Yet, I am not here to expoundContinue reading “Failure”

How to Launch a Thriving Small Business in Your Community

Perhaps you’ve found that you spend your workdays dreaming about the day you can be your own boss. Becoming an entrepreneur is a big decision, but every community needs small business owners to provide essential services and bring residents together! Courtesy of Pyrateheart Press, here’s why your community could benefit from having more small businessesContinue reading “How to Launch a Thriving Small Business in Your Community”