Changing Hats

Changing hats is a term I learned in the Navy a long time ago. It has a simple meaning. When you finish up doing one job which requires one set of skills (a hat) and move onto another which requires a different set of skills (another hat) it is called changing your hat. In theContinue reading “Changing Hats”

The Perfect Blogpost

I have been writing blogposts now for several years. Have written them for myself and for others. And in all that time I have yet to write the “perfect blogpost.” How do you define the perfect blogpost? An easy question if you believe the experts you will find across social media. Don’t believe me? DoContinue reading “The Perfect Blogpost”

Writing Styles and Writing with Style

When I began this blog post I knew I needed to do some research. I believed writing styles fell into such categories as Gothic and Poetic and Flowery. My own style of writing is often compared to Hemingway’s though I don’t particularly care for the man’s writing style. I prefer the writing styles of theContinue reading “Writing Styles and Writing with Style”