There is a saying that goes “nothing ever gets down without a deadline.” Often you hear this saying the most from self-help gurus. They claim no one is motivated enough to finish something without a deadline. I am not sure if this is true or not. If you are an independent author, then your timeContinue reading “Deadlines”


Where is the best place to find new reading material? The library of course. Even now I consider it the best place to look for new books, or old books, or any sort of reference. Despite the internet’s attempts at pushing libraries out of existence, they are still here. I thank God for that. TheContinue reading “Libraries”

The Supernatural

In our work, we feature a great deal of what is considered supernatural. I say considered because everyone’s perception of what is supernatural in a story is varied. Or at least what they believe a supernatural character should be is varied. I must admit, I experience a certain glee in giving the standards a kickContinue reading “The Supernatural”

Get off Your Butt

I mean it. Get off your butt-literally. No, this isn’t some kind of blog meant to get you motivated to do more in your work. This blog is dedicated to getting you to move out from in front of whatever screen you are watching (computer, TV, phone) and move. We spend a great deal ofContinue reading “Get off Your Butt”

Essential Personnel

Recently I was in a meeting with a potential client, and we ended up talking about what makes a person “essential.” It is an interesting question. As a writer and editor, I am so far down on the list of being considered essential it isn’t even funny. Not that writers or editors can’t be consideredContinue reading “Essential Personnel”

Support, Reinforcement & Ego’s

Recently I was reminded I can be somewhat heartless. No, it’s true. The world I come from is quite different than the one I live in now. In the world I used to inhabit, positive reinforcement was a prelude to the hammer being dropped on your head. It sounds funny but it’s true. From theContinue reading “Support, Reinforcement & Ego’s”

The Whipping Post

Let me introduce you to how this story was created. About three years ago I was thinking about a story which would be like one of the original Twilight Zone episodes. A western based in space and the punishment of a young girl for something she didn’t do.  The story opened up as the youngContinue reading “The Whipping Post”

The Perfect Blogpost

I have been writing blogposts now for several years. Have written them for myself and for others. And in all that time I have yet to write the “perfect blogpost.” How do you define the perfect blogpost? An easy question if you believe the experts you will find across social media. Don’t believe me? DoContinue reading “The Perfect Blogpost”