The Supernatural

In our work, we feature a great deal of what is considered supernatural. I say considered because everyone’s perception of what is supernatural in a story is varied. Or at least what they believe a supernatural character should be is varied. I must admit, I experience a certain glee in giving the standards a kickContinue reading “The Supernatural”

Get off Your Butt

I mean it. Get off your butt-literally. No, this isn’t some kind of blog meant to get you motivated to do more in your work. This blog is dedicated to getting you to move out from in front of whatever screen you are watching (computer, TV, phone) and move. We spend a great deal ofContinue reading “Get off Your Butt”

Essential Personnel

Recently I was in a meeting with a potential client, and we ended up talking about what makes a person “essential.” It is an interesting question. As a writer and editor, I am so far down on the list of being considered essential it isn’t even funny. Not that writers or editors can’t be consideredContinue reading “Essential Personnel”

Writing Inspiration

I have been asked on many occasions where writing inspiration comes from. What many are asking is where the inspiration to craft a story comes from. Where does a writer or author find something that inspires them to write? Many treats inspiration like it was something supernatural. Worse, they wait for it like it wasContinue reading “Writing Inspiration”

Support, Reinforcement & Ego’s

Recently I was reminded I can be somewhat heartless. No, it’s true. The world I come from is quite different than the one I live in now. In the world I used to inhabit, positive reinforcement was a prelude to the hammer being dropped on your head. It sounds funny but it’s true. From theContinue reading “Support, Reinforcement & Ego’s”

Writing Details

I have decided to revisit a topic currently bombarding me with importance. The topic? Details. See, we are currently in the throes of several series. We are working on book three of the Cheyenne series, book two of the Gigolo series, book three of the Pan’s Naughty Flute series as well as developing the finalContinue reading “Writing Details”

Writer verses Author

As I move about in the publishing world, I have discovered a unique distinction among those who write. As in most every case in life there are people who seek distinctions between what they do and what others do. In the writing profession there is a line between those who are called writers and thoseContinue reading “Writer verses Author”