Decisions and Other Important Ideas

We faced a unique decision here at The Pyrateheart Press at the beginning of the year. We found we needed to downsize our publishing. Last year we published an eBook every month. That produced an incredibly hectic pace since our employees are still just Yvonne and me.

We both work full time day jobs and spend our evenings and weekends on The Pyrateheart Press. It is often a hectic and hurried pace we must maintain to meet our deadlines. A pace which produces errors we missed. Errors we didn’t notice until after we had published the work.

I don’t like errors. I enjoy publishing a clean, well-structured eBook which grabs a reader’s attention and keeps it. I also don’t like rushing. I understand that nothing gets done without a deadline, but we put too many in place last year. We met them but the cost was too high.

Therefore, we have decided to only publish four eBooks this year. Which ones you ask since we have over thirty in development right now? The number is climbing as we speak. I think by the year’s end we will have worked on over fifty manuscripts and helped solidify over a hundred ideas for manuscripts. For a two-person operation that is a lot.

I have spent a good deal of time deciding which eBooks we will publish this year. We have several series in the works as well as several good single editions. I took a look at the ones which people responded to the best (i.e. bought) and the choices began clear.

The first one we will publish will be Book 2 of the Gigolo Series. A darkly comedic and erotic tale about the misadventures of a man who decided to become a gigolo and discovered the reality versus the fantasy of such a life.

The Gigolo series has been in development for several years now and I felt it was time to produce regular editions for the readers to enjoy. The author, Lavender Mills, agreed whole heartedly. We have set a schedule she can follow to complete not only the second installment but develop the entire series. Something I am looking forward to.

The new Gigolo novel will hit the shelves in March.  In June we will be publishing the next installment of The Fannie Mae Psychic Detective Series. Written by Wilhelmina “Willy” Folsom as a fun filled and twisted series of cases needing a talented psychic to find the answers. Answers which often are not what her clients wish to be revealed. Part fantasy and part normality, Fannie Mae traverses the world with laughter in her soul, lust in her heart, and a desire for as much cash as she can make.

In September we will publish Book 2 in The Gargoyle Series. I originally wrote this as a one off. I liked the concept of how I wanted to create a gargoyle out of a person. I shopped the concept around, but I had no takers. None of those I work with wanted to create a book based upon my outlines and characters. So, I wrote it myself. Not something I normally do. However, I was pleased with the outcome of the novel and liked the way it led to a series of books which could be created based upon the characters and places in the book.

So, I will write up the second in the series as well as craft a series outline for multiple books for those who have enjoyed the Gargoyle so far.

The final eBook we plan on publishing will happen in December and will continue the stories surrounding Cheyenne Dances in Moonbeams. The Cheyenne Series will continue right where it left off in Book 2. It will deepen the storylines about Cheyenne’s life and the decisions she makes in both her past, and her future.

Cheyenne is a complicated individual with supernatural powers she doesn’t want. Alongside a whole cast of characters who seem hellbent on complicating her life, we see Cheyenne change to adapt to what her world is now, and what type of world she wants. Can she have what she desires most in life or will she be forced to live her life for others?

We will publish other pieces along the way but those are the four eBooks we intend on publishing as part of this year’s goals. We will put together the New year’s resolutions anthology as soon as we are able. We have had quite a turnout of submissions which is going to take time to go through. Something we didn’t count on. It is what I will spend most of February doing by the way. Reading through the submissions to find the winners.

I am certain we will publish the odd short story or two along the way to keep up with other series.  Keep an eye out.  We may be a small publisher, but we are determined.

I’m Ross, the Editor-in-Chief at The Pyrateheart Press and I’m out.

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